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Samurai Sword


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Train with Damon Tong, a successful martial arts self defense and kickboxing champion. In this DVD you learn the basic fundamentals of boxing and kicking Muay Thai style. From there you use the combinations with Pad Drills, Partner Drills, and then Various Drills to increase your speed, accuracy, explosiveness and effectiveness. This DVD is perfect for camps, seminars, and beginner and intermediate training BBT, Masters, all on 1 DVD.

Samurai Sword

Train with Roland Osborne has he takes you through an exciting Samurai Sword curriculum. Start with the history and basic fundamentals of the sword. Then learn 7 Iados and the Code of the Samurai with the Sword. You will learn the techniques as well as the mental Code that the Samurais used to be the fiercest warriors off all time. Next you get to learn the advanced reverse Iados and strikes and finish with a competition Sword Form perfect for intermediate to advanced students, seminars and special events.