Millennium Training

Solid Foundation Success Course

The Complete Course to Build a Professional School from Start to Success

The Exact Blue Print & Training for:

  • Pro Business Plans & Organizational Charts
  • Floor Plans & Class Schedules
  • Building & Paying Your Staff Members
  • Properly Designing Your Curriculum
  • Complete Marketing Strategies
  • Holding Powerful Events, Birthdays & Camps
  • Growing 100-250-500-800 Members
  • Save Years of Mistakes & Frustration

You Will Save Time, $100,000’s  &  Students

We created this program to save trainers from the mistakes that so many schools make. We have taken the best strategies used by the top schools to give you a few options and to help you quickly learn what is needed to run a pro school in the fastest time possible.

Each Training Session Includes:

  • A Training Video to Follow Along & Learn
  • A Workbook to Fill Out
  • An Audio File to Download

26 Powerful Video Training Sessions & Workbooks- (About 1hr Each)

  • It’s Your Time to Thrive – What Makes Schools Successful & Not
  • Your Solid Foundation Business Vision & Values
  • Your Martial Arts Business Systems
  • Your Martial Arts Business Plans
  • Org Chart: Responsibilities, Position Agreements- Owner, Front Desk
  • Org Chart: Responsibilities, Position Agreements- Enrollment, Instructors
  • Marketing: Internal Strategies
  • Marketing: External Strategies
  • Retention Strategies
  • Curriculum: The Black Belt Experience
  • Curriculum: First Lesson to New Student
  • Curriculum: Year 1 & Converting to Upgrade
  • Curriculum: Year 2 to Black Belt
  • Curriculum: Black Belt Training Programs
  • Character Enrichment Curriculum
  • Graduations & In-house Tournaments
  • Successful Camps & After School
  • Successful Birthday Parties
  • Successful Bring A Friend Events & Parents Night Out Parties
  • Successful Community Power Events
  • Partnering With School Systems & Presentations
  • Branding Strategies
  • Business Elements
  • Complete Yearly Calendar
  • Complete Financial Planning Calendar
  • Leadership & Multiple Locations

Train at your own speed, at your own time and convenience. Watch the video as many times as you want and review your notes. Implement each system and go to the next one. This is the complete process of learning how to run a professional school at your pace. Save years of traveling, seminars and money to get the top information right now.