Millennium Training

Millennium Instructor Training


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The Millennium Instructor Training 5 DVD set with Roland Osborne is perfect for staff training, retention, and creating new excitement in the students and instructors! Get ready for everything from instructor basics to over 200 different class formations, drills, and martial arts games to build championship students.

The set comes with a manual on CD that has follow along worksheets, quizzes, and class planning schedules, perfect for staff training.

He has made it easy to train staff members or future instructors. They can take a DVD home, do the worksheets and bring it back the next day. Just think how easy staff training is when you send an instructor home with a DVD, follow along worksheet, and test. They will have a visual understanding of how to do the drills by watching them in a real class. The next day you print out an evaluation sheet, watch their class and give them feedback.

Combining the newest information to date, with the basic teaching fundamentals and techniques will bring your school into the next millennium and make your school Y3k compliant. A complete guide of the newest, hottest, most exciting floor procedures ever!