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Champion Forms 1-3


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Champion Forms 1-3 – Three open hand forms with personal development lessons tied right into them.

Form 1Code of a Champion
This short form is perfect for beginner students. On this Champion Form DVD you get 5 different endings to spice up classes, demonstrations, and especially Graduation!! Attitude, Determination, Perseverance, I am a Champion

Form 26 Qualities Of A Champion
This intermediate form uses the 6 qualities of a champion (Focus, Power, Intensity, Speed, Accuracy, Excellence) with cool techniques. This is fun! You talk to the student about the quality and then have them demonstrate the certain techniques with each quality. It’s Time for Quality Battles!! Get the students ready for SPEED kick competitions, POWER challenges and more!

Form 3Champion Form 1
Champion Form 1 is the core of the DVD. This is an intermediate/advanced form with a tournament pattern. It has 7 sets all tied into a Championship code. Many of my intermediate level students compete with this form and win!! The best part is, they recite the code and it becomes imbedded into their minds!

I was born to Win, my Attitude determines my altitude, Determination is my will to succeed, Goals are the map to my success, Courage is the confidence to face my fears, Perseverance is my strength to finish, I am on the quest, to be my best, and I Will Win!

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